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Atlas Originals Extreme Knee Sleeves

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RM 259.00
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RM 259.00
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RM 349.00
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Courier within 1 working day
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Introducing the Atlas Originals Extreme Knee Sleeves – the epitome of stiffness and support tailored for powerlifters who demand nothing but the best. Crafted with precision and engineered for powerlifting excellence, these knee sleeves are designed to amplify your strength, provide unparalleled stability, and protect your knees during the heaviest lifts.

Key Features:

Maximum Stiffness for Powerlifting Prowess

Crafted to be the stiffest in the market, offering powerlifters an unbeatable level of rigidity. 

Premium neoprene blend and reinforced stitching for durability

Premium craftsmanship to withstand the demands of powerhouse performances. Reinforced stitching and high-quality materials ensure durability, making these sleeves your trusted companion for every intense lifting session. The tight, compression fit ensures that every lift is executed with maximum power and precision.

Contoured design prevents slippage, catering to powerlifting needs

The contoured shape maximizes comfort and prevents slippage during heavy lifts, providing the stability required for optimal performance.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FIRST-TIME USERS; specifically designed for seasoned powerlifters. If you are new to knee sleeves, we recommend starting with our powerlifting knee sleeves before progressing to the Extreme series


   XS:   Fit for knee circumference: 27.0 - 31.0 cm

     S:    Fit for knee circumference: 31.0 - 33.5 cm

    M:    Fit for knee circumference: 33.5 - 36.0 cm

     L:    Fit for knee circumference: 36.0 - 38.5 cm

   XL:    Fit for knee circumference: 38.5 - 41.0 cm

 2XL:    Fit for knee circumference:  41.0 - 45.0 cm

 3XL:    Fit for knee circumference:  45.0 - 50.0 cm

 4XL:    Fit for knee circumference:  50.0 cm+


What is in the package

A pair of Atlas Originals Powerlifting Extreme Knee Sleeves