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Our team at Atlas Originals comprehends that avid lifters are constantly trying to increase their athletic performances in the gym. However, without proper equipment, they are often greeted with injuries due to the physical limitations set by the athlete’s fragile joints and tendons.

At Atlas Originals, we realise the struggles and hardships of sourcing for high quality performance enhancing gears that will minimise the risk of injuries. Atlas Originals Gears are carefully designed to the finest minute detail and tested personally by our team of experienced lifters to ensure the effectiveness of our products.

Our Mission at Atlas Originals is to deliver high quality performance enhancing products that will revolutionise your training experience and more importantly, keep you safe.

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Still figuring out the best gym gears in town? Go for the #1 powerlifting lever belt brand in MalaysiaAtlas Originals - which is also well-rated as a trusted brand in the Malaysian powerlifting communities!

Atlas Originals Lever Belts are made of suede leather for Malaysian powerlifters and bodybuilders. Proud to be the Malaysian choice of gym belt - our powerlifting lever belts provide lower back support for lower back intensive exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Atlas Originals powerlifting lever belts measure 10mm in thickness with a width of 10cm. Atlas Originals Lever Belts are perfect for Malaysian powerlifters and bodybuilders who are looking to compete in competitions that require compliance with the Global Powerlifting Association (“GPA”) requirements - GPA compliant.

Speaking of lever belt, our powerlifting lever belt is incredibly durable and support your back for powerlifting exercise!

We serve Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand markets. In addition, we also ship internationally!  

First and Only Customised Powerlifting Belt in Malaysia

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