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Parallette Bars

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RM 89.00
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RM 89.00
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RM 99.00
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Courier within 1 working day
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Secure payments
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7 Days Return Policy


  • Resilient and sturdy - Atlas Originals Parallette Bars are made up of high quality wood that can withstand heavy load and pressure.
  • Designed for gymnastics and calisthenics with superior grip in training and exercise.
  • Atlas Originals Parallette Bars are good for push-ups are the easiest and most effective way to exercise your arm and the muscles and abdominal muscles.
  • Purchase from Atlas Originals Official Store for 6 months warranty coverage and support.

Suggested Use

Push-up, various training posts, straddle and planche

Important Information

1. If you have any questions regarding the product, please contact Atlas Originals at sales@atlasoriginals.com immediately.

2. The product is not flameproof, kindly avoid exposure under the Sun and temperature above 100°C.

3. The function of the product must not be changed or compromised; the product should only be used for its original and intended purpose only.

4. If you suffer strains, knee ache or injuries, please cease to use our product immediately.