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Atlas Originals Adjustable Lever

RM 129.00
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1. 1/2″ tightness settings

2. Interchangeable with most Lever Belts

3. Convenient to adjust

4. Made out of stainless steel



Atlas Originals Adjustable Lever is designed for athletes who have different preferred tightness on different lifts. 

This lever buckle allows powerlifters to quickly adjust the tightness of their belt based on different exercises performed. The 1/2 inch increments are also suitable for lifters that often fluctuate in weight. It also allows for up to 2″ of adjustments before having to change the tightness of the belts. So if you wear your belt tight for squats and a bit looser for the bench, overhead presses, and deadlifts then this belt will be perfect!


 1 x Atlas Originals Adjustable Lever [*LEVER ONLY, belt is excluded*]

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