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  • Aluminum Barbell Collars
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Aluminium Barbell Collars

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RM 89.00
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Courier within 1 working day
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Atlas Originals Aluminium Barbell Collars are perfect for at-home workouts and as an accessory for any home gym. Perfect for all fitness levels; beginners, intermediates, and advanced users alike.


Olympic sized collars - Atlas Originals Barbell Collars are standard size to fit most 2” Olympic barbells, straight bars, EZ curls, and curl bars. They are easy to use, with a lock and release design that allows you to change weights quickly without a hassle.

Lightweight and durable - Made of ultra-durable aluminum, this set of Atlas Originals Barbell Collars is lightweight and made to handle endless reps, drops, and lifts during weightlifting, powerlifting, and any other barbell-focused workout.

Designed for safety - Falling and sliding weights are prevented with Atlas Originals Barbell Collars. Featuring a protective rubber lining on their interior, these collars were crafted to ensure safety and security during your weightlifting workouts. These anti-slip collars provide an immense amount of security and comfort to your weight bar during workouts, ensuring your weight plates stay in place without slipping or falling. This ensures your weights remain where you need them, without interrupting your weight sessions.

Superior grip - These barbell collars are made to make your workouts smoother and more efficient with fast lock and release, and they offer a powerful, relentless grip. They keep weight plates securely in place, regardless of how many are loaded on the curl bar or barbell.

What is in the package?

1 pair of Atlas Originals Aluminium Barbell Collars