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Atlas Originals Gym Rings [Ring Dips, Muscle Ups, Back And Front Levers, Pull Ups, Ring Rows]

RM 79.00
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>  Home callisthenics with Atlas Originals Wooden Gym Rings.
>  Made up of premium birchwood for total comfort - solid grip, non-slip, sweatproof, durable and sturdy.
>  Comes with 2x durable black nylon straps and adjustable buckles for hanging.
>  Suspend over garage rafters, overhead beams, pull up bar, rig, power rack, ceiling mounts or trees.
>  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with different exercises ring dips, muscle ups, back and front levers, pull ups, ring rows and more.
>  Portable and lightweight.
>  Supports up to 200kg.

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