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Elite Speed Rope (Skipping / Jumping Rope)

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Atlas Originals Elite Speed Rope features a new ball bearing design for better spin efficiency as well as metal clips that removes the need to use adjustable screws for resizing your rope. A great choice for competitive freestyle jumpers or intermediate jumpers trying to practice and improve double unders.

Light weight – Atlas Originals Elite Speed Rope is incredibly light weight and resilient (made out of metal) for smoother and quicker spin.

Coiled stainless steel cable - Atlas Originals Elite Speed Rope features coiled stainless steel cable that are either bare or coated in nylon.

Easy resizing - If you're just starting out with double unders, you'll constantly tweak the length of your rope (typically shortening) as your skill improves. You will also wear through cables the more you jump. It's nice to have Atlas Originals Elite Speed Rope handles that make size adjustments quick and easy.

Durability - You want a rope you can throw on the ground, or in your gym bag, without risk of it breaking. Atlas Originals Elite Speed Rope is the answer.

Speed rope - Atlas Originals Elite Speed Rope is a designed speed rope for double unders or competitive jumping.

Use for competitive speed jumping (sprints and endurance), double and triple unders and CrossFit.

Jumpers use this rope to jump 6-7 times a second. It turns with incredible ease and is very light! It's not only perfect for speed jumping, but is a must for endurance jumping and for double or triple unders.


1. Use for indoor jump rope only.

2. Do not use on abrasive surfaces.

3. Please ensure that the screws are properly tightened before skipping.

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