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Heavy grippers

RM 39.00
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We sell by per piece.


A mobile workout tool to train your forearm and improve your grip strength. Price quoted by per piece.

Product Features

  • Designed to improve your grip strength – There is limited exercises to improve your grip strength which will in turn improve your work out sessions especially deadlift, shrug, biceps exercises.
  • Work out anywhere and anytime now – You can work the exercises anywhere and anytime, this is a discrete training tool that transform your downtime into productive workout sessions.
  • Create a hand of steel – Made up of knurled aircraft-grade aluminium handles, our Atlas Heavy Grippers were not built for dainty little hands! This will toughen you up and elevate your experience fundamentally.


Grip reinforcement, bodybuilding, training, muscular workout, gym, fitness, hand dynamometer, bouldering

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