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Performance Resistance Bands (24-in-1 Exercises)

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Courier within 1 working day
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Resistance training gym in a bag - Atlas Originals Resistance Bands are made from the highest quality rubber to ensure maximum durability.

Package - This set includes five stackable resistance bands, two handles, door anchor, carrying bag and ankle strap. Stackable bands - You can use single or multiple bands at once to achieve the level of resistance.

All in one – One set of Atlas Originals Resistance Bands for many muscle groups and start to make progress today. 24-in-1 Atlas Originals Performance Resistance Bands comes with a bag and an exercise guide.

Durability – Features metal clips on bands for attachment to soft-grip handles or ankle straps.

Varying intensity – This set comes with a total resistance of 149lb (~67.9kg) which made up of Yellow band (4.5kg), Blue band (9.1kg), Green band (13.6kg), Black band (18.1kg) and Red band (22.6kg)

Compact design - Lightweight and practical, a toning accessory that can be stored anywhere!

There are more than 24 exercises available with total resistance of 149lb (~67.9kg) by using one set of Atlas Originals Resistance Bands!


1. Standing chest press (anchored)

2. Standing decline chest press (anchored)

3. Upright row

4. Standing tricep extension

5. Chest fly (anchored)

6. Standing back row (anchored)

7. Paddlers row (anchored)

8. Standing biceps curl

9. Standing overhead triceps extension (anchored)

10. Shoulder press (anchored)

11. Squat

12. Pull through (anchored)

13. Lunge

14. Lateral walk

15. Standing calf raise (anchored)

16. Standing abdominal twist (anchored)

17. Abdominal crunch (anchored)

18. Standing front raise

19. Standing lateral raise

20. Post delts (anchored)

21. Push through crunch

22. Bent row (anchored)

23. Standing tricep extension

24. Bicep curl with stacked bands

What is in the package?

This set includes;-

Five (5) stackable resistance bands,

Two (2) handles,

One (1) door anchor,

Two (2) ankle strap,

and free one (1) Atlas carry bag

(Stackable bands - You can use single or multiple bands at once to achieve the level of resistance)