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Power Sit-Up Bar

RM 59.00
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  • Improved sit-up bar comes with high strength cold-rolled steel (reinforced), high density elastic foam padding and large suction rubber chasis with strong suction capability.
  • Exercise at home with Atlas Originals Sit Up Bar - try multiple exercises such as sit-up, push-up, planks, stretching your back and many more!
  • Muscle group: arms, shoulders, back, legs, abdomen, waist or other muscles of the body.
  • Suction mechanism - large suction rubber chasis has strong suction capability.
  • Portable and mobile - light weight, easy to install and store, so you can work out anytime, anywhere.
  • Adjustable - comes with multiple settings so you can adjust them to fit just about any foot size. Simply move the bar up for larger feet and down for smaller feet.
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