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Powerlifting Elbow Wraps

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RM 79.00
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RM 79.00
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RM 0.00
Courier within 1 working day | Atlas Originals
Courier within 1 working day
Secure payments | Atlas Originals
Secure payments
7 Days Return Policy | Atlas Originals
7 Days Return Policy

Atlas Originals Powerlifting Elbow Wraps are designed to provide maximum support to your elbow joints.

-  Provide elbow support and stability for powerlifting exercises such as bench press, overhead presses or any other pushing exercises.

- With a length of 38”, you control the tension by how tight you wrap them with our hook and loop Velcro system.

- Atlas Originals has integrated a secure Velcro closure system so you can have peace of mind during your workout. With the Velcro grip, Atlas Originals Powerlifting Knee Wraps will maintain support while preventing slip, unroll or fall off.

- Sold in pairs and one size fits all (free size).

- Comes with 6 months warranty coverage and support.

Important information
1. If you have any questions regarding the product, please contact Atlas Originals at sales@atlasoriginals.com immediately.
2. The product is not flameproof, kindly avoid exposure under the Sun and temperature above 100°C.
3. The function of the product must not be changed or compromised; the product should only be used for its original and intended purpose only.

What is in the package?
A pair of Atlas Originals Powerlifting Elbow Wraps